The Private Pilots Licence allows individuals to legally pilot helicopters for non-commercial purposes. This certification permits recreational flying, including exploring scenic landscapes, transportation for personal trips, and enjoying the thrill of aviation with friends and family.

Private Pilot Licence
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The PPL-H course normally has no set schedule and this means you can choose when you want to fly and dictate your own pace of study. As most people have jobs and other commitments the idea of completing 50 hours of flying in conjunction with full-time study in just 9 weeks is not possible and our records show that most of our PPL-H students fly once or twice a week and complete their licence between six to twelve months. You should aim for at least one lesson a week so time lost recapping previously taught material is avoided.




Select if you would like to do the theory either:


aircraft type

It is a requirement to fly a minimum of 50 hrs flight time for your licence and 20hrs for R44 type endorsement.



Complimenting your helicopter training with a simulator is a highly effective and advantageous approach.


low level flying

Change the last 5 hours of your training to include a Low-Level Endorsement.




Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of your flight test.


Must hold a class 2 aviation medical certificate prior to your first solo flight.


Must hold an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) prior to your first solo flight.


Must complete two basic exams prior to your first solo and an additional multiple choice theory exam before your flight test.


Must complete a minimum of 50 hours flying time.



PPL-H R22 & R44 Flight and Theory Course

The PPL-H R22/R44 Complete Flight and Theory Training Pack blends 8 weeks of face-to-face lessons with a 50-hour block of R22 flying and 6 hours in the HELIMOD Mark III flight simulator. This comprehensive package includes theory, flight simulation, 50 hours of R22 flights, CASA exam fee, and flight test fee. Note: 50 flight hours are required for the licence, along with 20 hours for R44 type endorsement.
$ 66500 INC GST
  • 8-week lessons covering R22 and R44 helicopters
  • Ultimate PPL-H package with theory, flight simulation, and R22/R44 flights
  • Includes CASA exam fee and flight test fee
  • Minimum 50 hrs flight time for licence and 20hrs for R44 endorsement

PPL-H R22 Flight and Theory Course

The PPL-H R22 Complete Flight and Theory Training Pack merges 8 weeks of face-to-face lessons with a 50-hour block of R22 flying and 6 hours in the HELIMOD Mark III flight simulator. This all-inclusive package includes theory, flight simulation, 50 hours of R22 flights, CASA exam fee, and flight test fee.
$ 44500 INC GST
  • 8-week lessons with extensive flight and theory training
  • Flight simulation, and R22 flights
  • Includes CASA exam fee and flight test fee
  • Minimum 50 hrs flight time for licence

PPL-H R22 10hr Flight and Theory Course

Combine 8 weeks of face-to-face lessons with a discounted block of 10 hours flying in the R22 and 6 hours in the HELIMOD Mark III flight simulator through the PPL-H R22 10hr Flight and Complete Theory Training Pack. It includes theory, flight simulation, 10 hours of flight, CASA exam fee, and flight test fee. Note: 50 flight hours are required for the licence, additional hours need discount blocks or pay-as-you-go.
$ 16500 INC GST
  • 8-week face-to-face lessons combined with flight hours
  • Ultimate PPL-H package with theory, flight simulation, and flight time
  • Includes CASA exam fee and flight test fee
  • Minimum 50 hrs for licence, additional hours available with discounts or pay-as-you-go

PPL-H Theory Only Course

V2 Helicopters provides the PPL-H Complete Theory Course, delivering enhanced face-to-face lessons for optimal results. This comprehensive course covers all theory aspects needed to fly a helicopter and pass the CASA exam. Over eight weeks, attend a 4-hour lesson weekly with expert teachers guiding you.
$ 3520 INC GST
  • Comprehensive library of resources
  • Enhanced face-to-face lessons for better results
  • Comprehensive course covers theory and CASA exam
  • 8-week period, 4-hour lesson/week with expert teachers

Flying Hours

R22 Helicopter  (Max Weight 105kg)

  • Pay-as-you-go

$704 /Hour

  • 10-Hour Block


R44 Helicopter  (Max Weight 135kg)

  • Pay-as-you-go

$1089 /Hour

  • 10-Hour Block


Bell 206  (Max Weight 135kg)

  • Pay-as-you-go

$1595 /Hour

  • 10-Hour Block



  • Private Theory Course
    1. Human Factors
    2. Aircraft General Knowledge
    3. Aerodynamics
    4. Meteorology
    5. Navigation
    6. Air Law
    7. Ops, Performance and Planning


  • CASA Exam Booking Fees


  • PPL-H Resource Pack


Book a Trial FRight

If you haven’t already, a trial flight is always the first step to seeing if flying is for you.

Alternatively, If you still have questions or simply want to come to say g’day – feel free to get in touch!



When it comes to choosing a pathway with our program, there are a few options available to you. One of the main factors to consider is whether you will be following the full-time or part-time pathway. It’s important to note that the duration of each pathway will differ slightly. If you choose to follow our full-time pathway, this will take approximately six months to complete. On the other hand, our part-time pathway is self-paced, meaning you will be able to take your time and work at your own pace. That said, we do recommend taking around 2 months to complete the program if you choose to take this pathway. By taking your time, you’ll be able to fully absorb all of the information and benefit from the learning experience.

When it comes to helicopter flight training, V2 Helicopters stands as a beacon of excellence. We are dedicated to offering our students a comprehensive and immersive experience in helicopter flight training, ensuring they receive the best possible education to become proficient pilots.

One of the primary reasons to choose V2 Helicopters is our experienced instructors. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who have amassed thousands of hours in the field.

Situated with the stunning views of Moreton Bay at our doorstep and within Archerfield’s controlled airspace, our location provides an excellent training environment. Students are exposed to controlled airspace radio calls, a skill often overlooked at other training locations​.

As a part-time student at V2 Helicopters, we recommend generally fly once or twice a week. This schedule allowed you to complete in 2-6 months. We find that aiming for at least one lesson a week helped minimize the time spent recapping previously taught material, ensuring a more efficient and effective learning process​​.

However, the best frequency really depends on individual factors, such as my personal learning style, availability, and my budget.

As an aspiring pilot, it is absolutely crucial that you obtain a Class 2 medical and an ASIC before embarking on solo flights. These important documents are not required for training, but are an absolute necessity for taking to the skies alone. It is recommended that you begin the application process as soon as possible in order to avoid any unforeseen issues that could potentially detract from your flying experience. By taking the necessary steps to secure your Class 2 medical and ASIC, you are demonstrating a responsible and proactive attitude towards your safety and the safety of others. So what are you waiting for? Start the process today and feel confident knowing that you are fully prepared for your future solo flights.

The theory requires some commitment from you and motivation which is best found in the classroom environment. There are no pre-requisites like superior maths or science skills required. We use simplified diagrams and charts to explain concepts but some application is required from you – at the end of the day you will be in command of a helicopter and we expect you to know your stuff. Many students have not been to school for years and pass with flying colours.

Yes absolutely! We only hire our helicopters to students who have conducted training with us. That way we know our aircraft are in good hands.



Pretty much. All we need is the land owners permission and the area must be large enough to accommodate the helicopter safely. This gives us great flexibility in landing where we like – this is the beauty of helicopters!

We have partnered with many awesome places all within an hour flight of Archerfield where you can land the helicopter for lunch or weekend getaway. These spectacular facilities include Spicers Peak Lodge, Sirromet Winery, Spicers Gold Coast, Eagle Heights Hotel, Sanctuary Cove, Couran Cove, Jupiters Casino, Noosa AFL club, Tangalooma Resort and many more.

In short, no – your material set covers everything you need. Headsets are often brought up. Although we provide headsets in all of our training helicopters, it’s always good to get a set that you are comfortable with. Think of them like the chef’s knives of your aviation career. Popular headsets include Bose A30, LightSpeed Zulu, and David Clarkes.

The R22, 2 seat helicopter cruises at approximately 80 knots which is around 150kmh! This gives it a range of around 350km in nil wind; not bad for a little helicopter! The R44, 4 seat helicopter cruises around 120 knots which is around 220 kmh giving it a range of around 500km in nil wind.

When you have your PPL in order to fly you must keep your medical current. You must also complete a Flight Review with an instructor once every 2 years. It is your responsibility to keep these up to date and strict penalties apply if you are found flying without a valid medial or flight review. There are no minimum hours to complete each year.

To become a private pilot a standard class 2 medical is required which includes eye, ear, blood and urine tests. You may also require an ECG on your initial medial. CASA have created a great medical help guide which can be found by clicking here.


Jeanette Beattie
Jeanette Beattie
I organised this as a birthday present for my Daughters. We had a brilliant day. The flight was terrific and the pilot Daniel made the day with his hospitality, humour and personality. Thank you for a wonderful experience and a great day!
Ente Cavir
Ente Cavir
Our amazing aviation with V2 pilot Liam and his helicopter.
Fraser was a great pilot and we had a superb time flying with him! The young gentleman who served us at reception was also extremely pleasant and helpful! 10/10 experience and definitely recommend
Diana Olsson
Diana Olsson
Fantastic experience, highly recommend it, and highly recommend Tyrell the pilot
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kim harlen
We had the best time this morning… Thankyou to our pilot Michael for an amazing flight
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Rhian Proudfoot
This was such a great gift idea, the team were super helpful and accommodating when making the booking and on the day. Michael was great he made us feel safe and comfortable on the flight, gave great info during the flight. Would recommend and would book again. Thank you!
Darcy B
Darcy B
Had a great flight this morning with Tyrrell, would highly recommend these guys if you’re ever thinking of scenic flights or training!
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Jake Francis
Awesome flight, pilot was great. Will definitely be back! Till next time legends.
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Gary Christen
Great fun and what a view of Brisbane. Highly recommend. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

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